Presidents Report August 2016

The Redland City Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of business in Redland City and we welcome all initiatives to increase commercial and business activity.

The Council’s recent support of al fresco food markets in Cleveland is one such initiative.

However many members have expressed concerns regarding the level of relaxations and lessening of development standards with respect to the al fresco proposal.

The existing retailers in Cleveland not only pay rates but they pay them at a premium level and contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the community.  They have to meet exceptionally high Council compliance standards for public health and safety, car parking and signage.

Council does not support existing businesses if they chose to expand their operations into their carparks.  Indeed they would be automatically fined.  This also goes for other issues such as sanitation, third party signage and advertising.

So whilst the Chamber welcomes increased business activity in Cleveland we question the lessening of standards and request Council to extend such patronage, flexibility and relaxation of standards to all commercial operations in the City- especially our existing businesses.

Congratulations to the finalists of the Business and Retail Awards and to Aussie Concrete Products which took out the 2016 Business of the Year Award, and Colour My Pot which was awarded Redlands Retailer of the Year 2016.

Garry Hargrave, President

Redland City Chamber of Commerce

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