Presidents Report January 2019

2019 is well and truly started and we have an exciting year of business education and networking events planned.  Have a look at the website for date claimers

We have had an excellent response from our members by renewing before the due date - thank you! If you are one of the few who haven’t paid yet, please look out for the reminder. 

If you are not yet a member or been to a breakfast, RWIB lunch or networking event, then we encourage you to come along.  We understand everyone is busy and networking can be daunting for some so we’d encourage you to come to events with a client, business partner, friend or prospect. 

Share the opportunity, enjoy and participate in a positive experience to propel your business. 

Come meet and greet.  A simple smile on your face can be contagious, it relieves stress and makes it more appealing for others to talk to you. 

Redlands Coast is a naturally wonderful place to do business and what better way to share that feeling than with others.  If you are wondering how a smiling face can improve business, I’d like you to ask yourself how you felt last time you did business with someone who was detached, disinterested or negative. Was it good?

Positivity is related to the prosperity of our businesses and community, and so is perception.

We believe in enjoying what we do and the impact it has on us to continue to grow and thrive.

We are pro collaboration to foster strong community connections and job growth.  We are talking to our leaders about the impact of perception and how they can assist our businesses.

We can’t stress enough that the Redland Chamber of Commerce (RCCC) is a non-political, not-for-profit organisation whose focus is on achieving positive outcomes that attract investment, build business and employment opportunities and that support our unique Redlands Coast Way of Life. 

We value our members and our community and believe in being a positive influence for business and our local economy.  We look forward to seeing you in February at the Telstra RWIB Speed Networking Lunch, or at the Bendigo Bank Business Breakfast – Gearing Up to Accelerate in 2019.

Yours in business

Lynne Sturgess


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