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Nicole is experienced and passionate in helping people develop. She works with people, teams and organisations who want to do better and be better. Nicole inspires people to action and supports their journey with a robust toolkit of sophisticated principles expressed in simple ways. To every interaction Nicole brings care, consideration and strength in truth. She is confidential, dynamic and committed to development and behavioural change. You will learn new skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable you to Be MORE. Having worked with multinationals, SME's and individuals, Nicole is often considered to be my/our 'Secret Weapon'. People have technical, industry and company expertise. 'How' people do their work, and 'how' they interact with others has a major impact on performance, satisfaction and ultimately outcomes. Regardless of role, industry or level if you want to excel you need both content and people expertise. Nicole's focus for more than 20 years has been on the 'how'. How you: prepare; operate; influence; negotiate; thrive and learn. As you develop more efficient and effective processes, you will also learn new skills, knowledge and habits. You will bring YOUR expertise and enhance your outcomes through engaging with others more effectively. Create better outcomes for all concerned.


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