Marketing: Planning to Win

Torah Bright was one of the star performers at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, representing the Australian team in Snowboarding. At age 23, Torah had won many competitions and made herself known as a rising star with a unique technique.

In preparing for the Olympic Games, there is no doubt that Torah, and probably every other athlete in the Winter Olympics, would have been 'Planning to Win'. When you start to think about how these athletes achieve what they do, you begin to realize that their planning process is not that different from planning a marketing campaign. Each step of the planning process is the same, only the questions and answers differ slightly.

Let's compare the two. Below is a simple five step planning process with examples for both an athlete's plan and a marketing plan.

Athlete's Plan

Marketing Plan

Step One: Analysing the current situation

Identifying what, how and who to impress.

  • Who are the other high performing athletes in your event?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are there any opportunities for you to succeed in other events?
  • What risks and threats do you need to monitor and combat?
  • Who are the event judges?
  • What do the judges look for in a good athlete in your event?
  • What are the criteria they judge you on?
  • How can you stand out from the other athletes in your event?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business?
  • Are there any opportunities in the market that you are not currently taking advantage of?
  • Are there any threats that you need to monitor and combat?
  • Who are your ideal customers?
  • What are your customers needs and wants?
  • How can you connect with them?

Step Two: Setting goals and objectives

Identifying what you want to achieve.

Example objectives could be:
  • Making it into the 2010 Winter Olympics Team.
  • Winning Gold in each event at the 2010 Winter Olympics.
  • Learning and mastering five new unique tricks by the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Example objectives could be:
  • Increasing sales by 10% within 12 months.
  • Increasing the average conversion rate by 10% within 12 months.
  • Increasing the number of leads received from advertising by 10% within 12 months.

Step Three: Strategies and Tactics

Identifying what needs to be done to achieve these goals and objectives.

  • What forms of training will be the most effective in preparing you to achieve your goals?
  • How frequently should you train?
  • For how long?
  • What marketing methods are likely to be the most effective to achieve your objectives?
  • When is the best time to implement them?

Step Four: Implementation

  • Actually committing to and doing the training.
  • Implementing the marketing initiatives.

Step Five: Measuring and Evaluation

  • Determining how to record your results.
  • Recording your results.
  • Keeping track of your 'Personal Best'.
  • Evaluating your performance. Identifying strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Setting up ways to measure the performance of each marketing activity.
  • Recording your results, such as the number of enquiries, sales, and conversion rates.
  • Evaluating the performance of the campaign. Did you meet your objectives? What could be improved for next time? Were there any external factors that may have impacted your results?

Next time you are thinking about a campaign to run, think of yourself as an athlete training for a competition. Follow these same steps. Plan to Win.

Don't like the sound of all that training and work? No worries. Nicky Douglas, at Debut Marketing, is very passionate about marketing, and would love to help you plan and implement your marketing campaigns!

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